There's more to oomph than meets the eye.


At ZICO, our mission is to promote coconut water as a great source of hydration, helping you achieve your personal best, naturally.

Our passion for coconut water began in Central America, where our founder, Mark Rampolla, was volunteering with the Peace Corps. An avid athlete, Mark loved drinking fresh coconut water after running and hiking. He quickly realized that great-tasting coconut water naturally provided the hydration other drinks could not.

In 2004, Mark left his fast-tracked corporate career to create ZICO Premium Hydrating Coconut Water. He started by selling ZICO out of a van to New York City yoga studios, and ever since, more and more people—athletes and non-athletes alike—have turned to ZICO for their preferred source of hydration.

At ZICO, we're no exception. We drink ZICO every day, and we're passionate about showing everyone—from athletes to kids to busy parents—it's the best way to hydrate. That's because ZICO isn't just for athletes, it's for anyone and everyone. ZICO is hydration, the way Mother Nature intended.




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